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The “Gardashlar Mebel” offered a unique solution for libraries

“Gardashlar Mebel” which specializes in its special concepts in the furniture sector, has introduced a new concept as part of a domestic market research program. This time, the company offered a unique solution to protect books in libraries operating in the country from external influences. According to the director of the company Ali Mirzayev, the protection of books in libraries from external influences has always been a priority for them:

“We started working on this course by analyzing the current situation in libraries. Then, based on the information we received we found such a unique solution that would serve to protect books from external influences for a long time. The proposed concept can be made in any size, depending on the width of the space. The structure can move comfortably along the lines to be installed on the floor. Moreover, the boards on the structure allow you to divide the books into categories. Installation and dismantling of the structure are carried out in a short time. To protect the books during the repair of the place, it is possible to assemble the shelves in one line by moving the steering wheel on the structure in the appropriate direction. We believe that the unique solution we offer will serve to preserve our cultural heritage”.

We want to mention that the “Gardashlar Mebel” company, which operates under the slogan "Just wish", is engaged in the production of furniture in more than 15 areas. The company is also a participant in many large and small projects in the country.

The “Gardashlar Mebel” offered a unique solution for libraries

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