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Table sets

Table sets are in front of you with their latest models. Table sets with a beautiful appearance, perfect quality, great design are presented to you at Qardashlar.com. Table sets are the first furniture that attracts attention in every place. When the appearance of the table and the chairs arranged around it are different, it creates a completely different atmosphere in the space. We are sure that you will like the classic, avant-garde, modern table set models that combine simple, elegant, great color harmony. Each manufactured piece of furniture speaks of our professionalism. Tables made of iron and wood, suitable for different designs and prices, will decorate your home decor.

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Table sets for every interior style.

Table sets are among the pieces of furniture that are important to choose both for your garden house,  apartment, and for any space. Table sets made of pure wood, quality glass materials, sturdy and eye-catching fabrics are offered here at reasonable prices for our buyers. You can meet and choose. You can choose between the tables according to your wish. You can contact us for more information about tables.

Table set with a wide selection.

We invite those interested in tableware to our website. We tried to appeal to the taste of every buyer with the newest models. The quality and appearance of the furniture are perfect and the price is reasonable. To make your living room, kitchen, any space magnificent and beautiful, you must see table set models on our website. Each set is custom made with a different design. Gardashlar.com, a place for those who love difference, offers the best furniture for you.


Table set on sale

When choosing a table set, you can calculate the number of family members and future guests and choose accordingly. Usually the set is chosen for 6 or 12 people. If you need a table set for the living room, then you should pay special attention to the fact that it matches the living room furniture in the room. You can find all kinds of furniture you are looking for on our site, taking into account your personal needs.