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Rules of conduct in the salon

Upon entering the showroom, we ask you to choose either a blue or a green card. With these cards you will assist our efforts to help you efficiently. A blue card means “I want to get a consultation”, and a green card means “I want to make a free choice.”

According to the Internal Rules of the “Gardashlar Mebel” Company Store unauthorized photo and video shooting on the showroom floor is prohibited. By following this rule you show your respect towards us.

Smoking in the showroom is prohibited due to the fact that “Gardashlar Mebel” does not support the use of tobacco and tobacco products. We are pleased to contribute to your health and well-being for the short duration of your stay in the showroom.

Since the furniture located in the showroom is sensitive to cutting and percussion instruments, we advise you to be careful with clothing and accessories. If necessary, you can take your things to the registration department.

Each client in the showroom is part of our development. In this regard, in case you experience any unprofessional attitude towards you or if our services are of low quality, we ask you to inform us about this.