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Metal cupboards

Mobile and fireproof metal cabinets occupy a very important place today. Metal cabinets are almost not in homes, but rather in gyms, schools, various catering facilities, offices, etc. is encountered. These cabinets are superior in quality. Since it is intended for long-term use, it is preferred to use it in offices and organizations and other places. Production of fire-resistant, coded, movable and locked metal cabinets is available. This also varies according to the customer's choice. The Metal cabinets you are looking for are at Qardashlar.com.

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Metal cabinets - the ideal choice for quality seekers.
Metal cabinets are made of stainless, strong materials. Therefore, our furniture is quite suitable for people who value quality. If you are going to open a new space, then we have the right price, high quality metal cabinets for you.

Types of metal cabinets
There are the following types of metal cabinets. Due to its longevity and durability, metal cabinets are considered one of the most used types of cabinets in modern times.

Movable metal cabinets - these cabinets are equipped with a unique mobility mechanism.
Fire-resistant metal cabinet - Fire-resistant metal cabinets differ from others due to their construction and materials.
Locked metal cabinets - Metal cabinets with a code belong to these types. Electronic and traditional locks are used here to ensure security.
Iron cabinets are a type of metal cabinets. Due to its composition, iron is a strong metal, and its use is long-lasting. Iron cabinets are made according to the order of customers. You can link to the main page for more details

Gardashlar Mebel can also make the above-mentioned types of metal cabinets. Therefore, if you need these types of products, it is enough to contact and place your order.