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Master Repair Services

We know that you are unhappy with the problems caused by unprofessional work of furniture makers in your home. We care greatly about providing quality furniture, and we also care about providing great quality service even with products we do not sell. The “Gardashlar Mebel” Company does everything possible to ensure that our relationship with each of our clients is always a very pleasant experience.


We have great experience with furniture maintenance and repair. We actually specialize in this field and provide you with quality services.


To maintain the highest quality, we have selectively chosen our furniture masters so that you do not have to worry about their level of service.


We are absolutely confident in the quality of the materials we use for repairs. You can place your confidence in the high quality of all our services.


We know that providing great quality furniture and great quality maintenance is important to keeping our own company’s reputation and image. We aim to be the best in the market. Our services show that we mean what we say!

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