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Terms and Conditions of Merchandise Return

Information stipulated in this section is provided given the relevant articles of the Law of Azerbaijan Republic "On protection of consumers' rights".

If the characteristics of the product purchased from "Gardashlar" Furniture Company do not meet the requirements of the consumer, the Company may change the product to the product that meets the required characteristics in the following cases, within 14 days, except for the date of purchase.

The purchased product can be returned unless used or in the ready-for-sale condition, and given the consumer properties, packaging, cash receipt or other available document confirming the payment of the value of the goods.

The product can't be returned or changed in the following cases:

In case of improper usage or usage otherwise indicated in technical document;

In case of detection of any damages (scratching, crushing, tearing, bending etc.) by the customer during transportation, loading, unloading, as well as installation of furniture;

In case of the initial use of the furniture (cleaning, scratching and etc.);

In case of detection of any parts/elements added to the furniture during the initial use and those not belonging to the Company;