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Private orders

Don't be afraid to make your furniture dreams come true. As “Gardashlar mebel” brand, we have enough technical capabilities to realize these dreams. We have mobilized experienced professionals to fulfill any private furniture order to suit your taste in your space. You can make your private furniture orders real through “Gardashlar Mebel” company:

Functional kitchen furniture

We further optimize your work through the furniture concepts we have prepared based on the ladies' rules of conduct in the kitchen. You can order unique kitchen furniture for your kitchen by answering the questions asked by our experts.

Practical wardrobe furniture

If the wardrobe designs on sale are not practical for your home, then you can choose and order one of the design solutions that we will prepare based on the information you use in your home, such as clothes, accessories, number of guests.

Office furniture

Increase the loyalty of your employees to the company and the efficiency of work, under the favor of the office furniture we provide for companies that value their employees. We are ready to do our best to create a healthy work environment in your office.

Guest set furniture

If you like to receive guests, then the comfort of guests is also important to you. As Gardashlar mebel it is important for us that your guests feel comfortable in your space. For convenience, we offer practical solutions.

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