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About Us

“Gardashlar mebel” Company started doing business in 2015. The company specializes in more than 17 categories of furniture, such as office furniture, upholstered furniture sets for the bedroom, various kitchen furniture, children's furniture, tables and chairs with various designs, living room sets, wardrobes and TV stands.

For private projects, the company also accepts orders of various furniture for training centres, military units, healthcare facilities, and other public and private enterprises. The company's investment in technological innovation and human capital allows us to produce better products in the furniture sector for every taste.

Mission, goals and objectives of the company:

- To provide local and foreign consumers with quality furniture

- Create new designer lines in accordance with the needs of consumers

- Improve our furniture based on consumer behaviour

- Become the first specialized and high-quality furniture brand in the country

- Meet the furniture needs of consumers in Azerbaijan

- Increase human capital through investments in high-quality personnel in the furniture sector

- Represent our country abroad under the brand "Made in Azerbaijan"

- Participate in local and foreign projects


Advantages of doing business with “Gardashlar mebel”:


Over 7 years of experience

Thanks to the support of entrepreneurship in our country, our investments in human capital and technology contribute to our advancement.


More than 5 types of service

In order to ensure the convenience and needs of consumers, we have formed more than five kinds of service in the furniture sector.


More than 17 categories of furniture

We produce furniture in more than 17 categories that people and companies will need at different stages of their development.


Over 230 employees

With our employees, we strive to promote the development of the furniture industry and maintain customer satisfaction.


More than 4 hectares for our production facilities

Our production area covers an area of ​​more than 4 hectares, where we produce furniture for various purposes.


Over 200 projects already completed nationwide

We have achieved great success by participating in the implementation of more than 200 projects in both the public and private sectors throughout the country.


Over 3,500 satisfied customers

We have gained the trust of more than 3,500 customers who visit our showrooms and prefer our high-quality furniture.


Over 250 corporate clients

More than 250 companies from various sectors of the country use our products in every stage of their development.