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Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read the terms and conditions for the use of this web-site.

Terms and conditions set out herein imply that you accept these terms and conditions when navigating through the web-site. You are free not to use the website if the information specified in the terms and conditions contradicts your interests. "Gardashlar" Furniture Company reserves the right to introduce changes to these terms and conditions. Please review the terms and conditions each time when you visit the web-site.

"Gardashlar" works to update the information specified on the web-site in an accurate and timely fashion. The user shall recognize the information on the website can be inaccurate due to technical issues and, therefore, is encouraged to contact the Company for clarifications.


All information (photos, data, licenses) on the web-site is protected as intellectual property rights of "Gardashlar" Furniture Company.


The user agrees not to distribute, publish, pass any information specified on the web-site to any third parties, as well as not to create subsidiary platforms by using texts and visuals herein. The user agrees that above-mentioned may harm the image of "Gardashlar" Furniture Company in the market and the Company is entitled to file a legal case regarding the inflicted damage. Shall the user violate the abovementioned, the issue will be legally assessed.


The user is responsible for the posted content on the web-site (inaccurate information, insults, anti-government narrative, opinions on religion and racism, unethical footage). Information on copyrights, trademarks, confidential and other private or proprietary rights of other parties posted on the web-site is also a violation of legal standards.


"Gardashlar" Furniture Company is not liable in relation to users or other parties for any technical errors or delays associated with the content of the web-site. The Company continuously monitors the security of the web-site and takes all necessary measures to develop it. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, availability or reliability of the information contained herein, as well as the uninterrupted or error-free operation of the functions in the events beyond company’s control (server problems, cyber and virus attacks). The user understands that the intentional provision of erroneous/false information on the website and deliberate harm against website users shall be deemed a reputational risk to the Company.


"Gardashlar" Furniture Company asks parents to monitor their children while they are online to avoid an unpleasant experiences.


These terms and conditions are developed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Azerbaijan. All arising disputes are settled through the courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Note. Users can send their questions regarding the terms and conditions or their inquiries regarding unclear points to info@gardashlar.com.