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Planning service

Insure against risks

Use the free planning and measurement service to insure against the risks that may occur during the ordering and delivery of furniture. We do not want you to face any discrepancies after the furniture you have purchased is delivered to your address. Keep your work planned, we prepare the planning.

Save your time

Our planning specialists will come to your place so that you do not get tired of visiting furniture salons. Using this service, you can get advice on the correct planning of furniture in your space, as well as get acquainted with the electronic version of our wide range of furniture.

Let your choice be diverse

The view from the outside is always beautiful. You will be amazed at the solutions we will offer you when placing furniture in your space. In favor of our employees, you will be able to make the right choice and be informed. You choose the furniture, and we will arrange its spatial planning.

Discover updates

The solutions offered within the planning service will allow you to choose new and unique furniture models. Take advantage of this opportunity to innovate in your space, as well as get acquainted with a wide range of furniture. Our goal is to bring innovations from the world of furniture to your home.

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