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Big master

Big master


                                        A beautiful life story

One day the fair king of a great country goes out to visit the provinces. He meets people, gets to know their life and challenges. People are curious about their appearance. On his way to another province, the king saw a feast of firemen in the green forest of the forest and asked the minister to set up camps here. He met the young and beautiful villagers who collected flowers and collected firewood. He talked to them. One of the girls in the crowd did not escape the king's eyes. The king, admiring the girl's beauty, offered to be his wife. The messenger said he would send. The king's wife was dead at the time. He lived alone. In fact, as soon as he arrived in the capital, the king did not hide his admiration for the girl and sent an envoy to her to become his wife. The girl disagrees and says:

- Is Shakhim able to do anything? Does he have art?


"He is a master!" Is there a higher art than this?


- The kingdom is not eternal. Art is always there. It is a bakery that you trust.

The girl is very pleased with the answer. He is sincerely thrown into it.

Soon afterwards, he relinquished his royal privilege to his brother and declared his intention to do something else. Then he opens a workshop for himself. The carpenter learns the profession. The network produces beautiful doors, windows, chairs, tables and chairs. He soon became famous as the Great Master in the city. Then his fame spread far beyond the provinces. The girl who was shot one day is invited to the clinic. The Grand Master shows him the mirrored furniture set, which is polished by camel-stone.

So far, the only girl in the mirror is the first time she sees herself in the mirror and looks at her hair. She is blushing because of shame. He could see that he was really beautiful, not in the eyes of the people, but in the mirror of the camel-stone.

The girl kept her face to the Grand Master:

- Why did you choose a green collar? Is it because of you?


- For the first time, I saw you near the green forest…


- Why did you choose this profession? Is it because I am collecting wood?

The Great Master:

- I create beautiful things in the woods, which are the riches of the forest, to bring nature closer to homes and to people's lives.


- Now you are my true love with green clothes, with the hands-on his face, the smile on his face, his brilliant hair and wisdom in the future, and you are my favourite person to bring home even in the darkest times. Because the profession you choose deserves a real masterpiece.


- I want everything to be what you want ... Only if you want ...

Grand Master married a village girl and had a happy time together. With the work of the Great Wizard, they were as happy as they wished.

Many years have passed since then.

Why did we choose the Great Wizard as a character and a symbol of action?

First, we want to be as good as our Great Master, with our honest work, our sincerity, our good intentions.

Second, we want to support the fulfilment of the desires and wishes of those in need of beauty and comfort.

We thought that by the efforts of our professional craftsmen we could bring nature and comfort to people and their homes and offices wherever they wanted.

Fifth, we want you to be more comfortable. Then we will be upgraded to new levels.

Sixth, Ask as You Want! Because we are here for your wishes.

Seventh, since the Great Master has been a strong supporter of the good and sincere intentions of people, both in their own way and in their desire for beauty, this image will no doubt add new colours to people's lives in the age of modern technology.

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