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Warranty terms and conditions

It is recommended to store and operate the furniture in a well-ventilated, dry, indoor space with air temperature below + 2 ° C, not above + 45 ° C, not exposed to direct sunlight and relative humidity in the range of 45 -70 %

Remove bolts, nuts, screws, etc. from the furniture. elements released during operation, need to periodically squeeze, tighten.


Wipe the surface of the furniture with a soft cloth dampened with a little ordinary clean water, then dry it completely with a dry cloth.

 It is forbidden to use various solvents, carbonate, acid, alkali, and abrasive substances as cleaning agents.

Furniture should be protected from direct sunlight.

Furniture should not be placed near heating appliances.

Furniture conforms to GOST 16371-2014 standard (November 14, 2014, N72P) adopted by the Interstate Union for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (INTERSTATE COUNCIL FOR STANDARDIZATION, METROLOGY AND CERTIFICATION).

The warranty is given for 18 months for public space and children's furniture, and 24 months for household furniture, 3 months,6 months,12 months for the chairs. The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the product or purchase by the buyer.

Violation of the rules of operation, storage, transportation, installation (delivery in case of disassembly) is not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

If a warranty card, deed of delivery, check, invoice, and similar documents are submitted during the warranty period for the acceptance of the date of purchase of the furniture, the warranty on the guaranteed goods is valid. The company has the right to refuse to provide warranty service if the documents are incomplete.

The warranty period starts from the date of sale of the furniture. The warranty service is valid for every model manufactured by the company, including all parts of the furniture. The repair period is a maximum of 30 working days. The time it takes for the furniture to be repaired is not included in the warranty period.

The time period during which the furniture is repaired is not included in the warranty period. Within the warranty period of the furniture, the material is repaired at the expense of the company if the material, installation (assembled by the installation team appointed by the company), or factory defects are found, and if necessary, it is replaced free of charge.

You can request a free replacement of the furniture you bought in the following cases:

  • If the same defect occurs again after repairing any part of the furniture twice a year;
  • In case of various defects in the furniture more than 4 times in 1 year;
  • In case of various defects in the furniture more than 6 times during 2 years (during the warranty period);
  • If the maximum period for repair (30 days) has passed;
  • If the furniture is confirmed to be unserviceable by an expert;

Cases not included in the warranty service are as follows:

  • Defects caused by an installation by a non-company installation team:
  • Expiration of the warranty period;
  • Failure to follow the furniture operating instructions in this manual;
  • Mechanical damage to the furniture after delivery;
  • Overloading of mechanisms;
  • Damage to furniture as a result of a natural disaster (flood, fire, accident, etc.);
  • Deliberate or unintentional physical damage to furniture by the consumer;
  • Detection of damage to furniture as a result of the intervention of craftsmen not appointed by the company for repair purposes;
  • Damage to furniture as a result of constructive changes by the consumer;
  • Use of substances that can damage the furniture during cleaning;
  • Defects as a result of improper use of furniture (scratching, crushing, breaking, etc.)

In the above cases, the service is paid and is provided at prices set by the company. The kind of defect is determined by an expert during the inspection of the furniture.

Note. Complaints about mechanical damage found after the furniture is handed over are not accepted as a basis for warranty repairs. Elimination of these problems is carried out for a fee. Small-sized defects in invisible parts of the furniture that do not affect the appearance are possible.