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“Gardashlar Mebel” took part in the “Caspian Energy” Forum

“Gardashlar Mebel”, which produces furniture in more than 15 categories in Azerbaijan, has become a gold member of the Caspian European Club.

The director of "Gardashlar Mebel" Ali Mirzayev remarked about the development of local production while speaking at the event.

“I am very glad that the attention paid to the development of local production in Azerbaijan is increasing day by day. Accelerating this process will create opportunities to open additional workplaces in the furniture industry, as in every sector. We believe that increasing customs duties which applied to ready furniture imported into the country will contribute to the development of local production. In addition, appropriate exemptions will be applied to customs duties on the import of raw materials and equipment for local producers. It is true that today a 20 million decrease is observed in the volume of 12 billion pieces of ready furniture imported into the country. We evaluate it as a result of support for increasing local production, and we believe that the figures for local furniture production will be higher in the future. "

Sharing his experience in foreign countries, the director of the company said that many foreign countries offer companies to invest in their country. Therefore they are interested in providing any support to foreign furniture manufacturers who want to export furniture to their country. "We have submitted our proposals to the Ministry of Economy and we assume that they will take the right steps to improve the country's economy in this aspect."

We want to point out that “Gardashlar Mebel” company has supported the progress of the design field by acting as the general sponsor of the recent 5th design forum.

“Gardashlar Mebel” took part in the “Caspian Energy” Forum

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