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The first Azerbaijan smart furniture was produced

Gardashlar furniture company, which manufactures furniture based on the needs of individual and corporate clients, has announced the launch of smart furniture.

According to the head of the company, Ali Mirzaev, the production of smart furniture was a long-planned step.

“I think that technology should not bypass the furniture industry. Just as different devices can simplify people's work, we need to make their lives more comfortable by adding functionality to our own furniture. That is why, being Gardashlar Furniture Company, we decided to produce smart furniture based on human behavior. At the initial stage, we plan to apply this trend to office furniture. Our study shows that most private and public sector employees spend most of their time in a sitting position. In many cases, this seriously affects both health and quality of work. Since the office desks we provide are adjustable, people can work behind them, both sitting and standing. It will also help prevent overweight and spinal problems.”

The head of the company talked on the technological advantages that they added to office desks, noting that these additions are necessary elements in a person’s daily life.

“Previously, office furniture had limited functionality, but now you can create more opportunities through a combination of furniture and technology. At the initial stage, we intend to install a cooling system for laptops on office tables with adjustable height, heating to maintain the warmth of the liquid in the cup, a wireless charger for the phone, and 2 USB access points. The prototype of smart furniture has already been made by us. We are ready to increase production depending on the number of orders. This is the first step among local furniture companies, and we plan to expand our activities in the future and will try to apply the integration of furniture and technology into other types of furniture. "

Note that the company also plans to sell furniture in the US market by 2020. The furniture company Gardashlar has already begun negotiations with several companies in this area in America. Currently, Gardashlar Furniture Company is represented in 16 furniture categories throughout Azerbaijan.



The first Azerbaijan smart furniture was produced

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