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With exports to the country of opportunities, the “Gardashlar” furniture company supports the Armed Forces Assistance Fund given the situation in the country.

Ali Mirzayev, the director, expressed the company’s support to the state in the current situation: Azerbaijan is a homeland for all of us. We must unite and stand with our state. We, as "Gardashlar" furniture company, support our Mr. President and army, and believe in the earliest liberation of the occupied territories.

Ali Mirzayev has called on all entrepreneurs to join this initiative.

“Today we must mobilize all our forces and stand with the state and the army.

We, as entrepreneurs, must do whatever possible during these challenging times. "Gardashlar" furniture company has called on all entrepreneurs of the country to join this initiative. We always stand with Ilham Aliyev, the Commander-in-Chief, and our strong army, and we are ready to do everything in our power to liberate our lands.”

"Gardashlar" furniture company is Azerbaijan’s largest producer of military furniture. The company fully complies with regulations adopted by the head of the state and the relevant authorities over the current martial law.

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