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Working transparently we receive new orders

Despite the pandemic in Azerbaijan, the Qardaşlar Furniture Company analyzed the current situation in the sector and implemented a pre-defined crisis communication plan to increase its sales.

The head of the company, Ali Mirzayev, said that unlike many companies during the pandemic, his company gained additional orders through transparent operations.

“It has always been important for Qardaşlar Furniture Company to work transparently. As the pandemic spread through many countries, we could foresee its arrival to our country as well. Our analysis showed that companies and individuals operating in the furniture sector of Azerbaijan would not be able to overcome this situation. As a result, many companies and individuals will face difficulties when fulfilling their orders. This, in turn, will severely impact the existing relations between counterparts.

Ali Mirzayev provided information about the company's activities, and also noted that the company had received the financial support for transparent operations from the state had prevented its current situation from further deterioration.

"We know there are advantages to working openly, and the state will certainly support such companies, when necessary. On the other hand, the pandemic has once again shown that companies operating in a non-transparent way find themselves in a difficult situation by hiding their income and expenses. Companies that order furniture should also focus on such cases. If customer companies want their orders completed, they should give preference to cooperation with sound companies in the market. Despite the ongoing quarantine period, our company currently fulfills new orders under the rules set by the Task Force.”

It should be noted that the Qardaşlar Furniture Company has recently decided to produce a simplified version of its smart office furniture. One of the main functions retained in the simplified version will allow for the adjustment of the desk's height according to the user's preference. Companies or individuals interested in the smart office desks can contact us at (077) 486-24-22.

Working transparently we receive new orders

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