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The secret of colors in the interior

Do you know the secret of colors in the interior?

Interior design begins with the choice of style. However, shades of color also play an important role here. Color is a force that shapes your mood and directly affects how comfortable you feel in your apartment.

Bright, pastel-colored living room, soft, vibrant orange-red kitchen, and colorful children's room - a huge color palette allows you to fully express your imagination and fill each room with a unique atmosphere. The main difficulty is to choose harmonious and positive combinations, taking into account the characteristics of each. There are a few important rules to consider when deciding on a color.

One-color should prevail in the interior

It has a background function on which the whole image will be depicted. Additional colors and shades will give the necessary expression and volume.

Consider the tone of the color scheme

All colors are divided into cold and warm. Warm shades allow you to mix the boundaries of the room, visually increase the size of the room, create a joyful feeling of comfort and serenity. Cold colors tune into the work atmosphere, fill it with energy and vitality but also help to calm down and concentrate. You can create several zones in the room using different colors.

Use colors that make you feel comfortable

Maybe you love the color red, but a room with a red tone will create a feeling of darkness because this color has an exciting, irritating effect on the psyche. It is better to use a few red accessories and choose a neutral peach, white, or beige as a background. Think about which colors help you focus and which colors help you relax and relieve your worries.

Remember the energy of colors

Colors, like smells, have a subtle effect on the subconscious, so make sure you have the right palette in each room. For example, purple and orange will be suitable for the office and children's room, because it activates mental activity and helps to concentrate. Green has a calming, blue has a calming effect, and yellow gives a good mood. If you choose the right color scheme, your home will become a source of positive energy and joy.

The secret of colors in the interior

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