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The effect of bedroom furniture on sleep

The effect of bed on sleep

Buying comfortable bedroom furniture is one of the bases of a good rest. But that would not be enough. The mattress on the bed also plays an important role in waking up in the morning not tired, but cheerful. But still, you are not satisfied with sleep and open your morning asleep? Most likely, the reason is the wrong location of the bed. Learn what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

Place the bed set according to the door

Arrange the bed so that you can see people coming into the room from there, and it is recommended that the light from the adjoining rooms does not fall directly on the bed when the door is opened. The best way to install according to the door is to place the bed diagonally in the farthest corner from the entrance.

Place according to the window

The bed can be placed in such a way as to avoid direct light in the morning and evening. If there is no opportunity and you have to place it near the window, then you can cover the window with dark curtains.

Place according to the wall

A set of bedroom furniture for two should be placed on the wall in the direction of the head of the bed. This position will provide access to the bedroom on both sides, and on the side will put a distance between the walls and edges on the sides for the installation of bedside tables. You can put a light bulb and the necessary accessories on them: books, creams, glasses, phones. If we are talking about a single or double bed, its ideal position is on the side of the wall. Thus, you add comfort and security to the bedroom

The effect of bedroom furniture on sleep

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