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Home furniture trends for 2020

New Year means innovation. Some aim to start playing sports this year, while others aim to learn something new. Some plan to remodel their home or buy new furniture. This blog post is just for you. If you want to redesign your home in 2020 and you think it's too late for that, then read this blog post certainly.

This year's trend: multi-furnished rooms

Although there has been a period of minimalism in furniture for many years, now the maximalist design has its say. 2020 will be the year of maximalism. Although minimalism is an ideal trend for small houses, it is necessary to say goodbye to minimalism from this year.

A corner where you can chat

If you ask how to design a living room in 2020, our answer will be: choose comfortable, cozy furniture for the living room! Choose furniture for your living room so that you can gather in your home, not in a place to meet your friends.

Let your home be intertwined with nature

Enliven your home with fabrics from nature. This year, as in 2019, plants are considered the most natural accessory at home. Unlike previous years, this year's trend is to gather all the plants in one corner. Create a special place for your plants in your home. We would also like to note that large-leaved plants are more fashionable this year.

Renew the wall colors of your home in 2020

Even a small change in the walls can instantly change the atmosphere of your home. Maximalism will also have a say in the design of the walls. Patterned, ornate wall designs are in vogue this year. If the wall will have any frame, then it is necessary to paint the wall simply or choose wallpaper with simple patterns so as not to create a mixed image.

Painting the walls using any geometric shapes is one way to paint your home. The main trend of 2020 is the walls painted with geometric figures.

You can also make a difference in your home with 3D wallpapers.

Harmony of Fashion and Comfort: Furniture Trends

This year, as in 2019, instead of furniture designed with minimal lines in the living room, on the contrary, large-scale furniture will be in vogue. You can easily choose large, comfortable furniture for your living room!

Kitchen furniture in 2020

One of the most popular places in the house is the kitchen, and the more stylish and functional the design, the more comfortable you will get.

In 2020, kitchens designed with furniture in black tones will be more fashionable. If you think that black kitchen furniture will show an area small, then you can use an additional second color. But mainly black is the trend in furniture this year.

Also, open closets are a trend this year. It is believed that open cabinets without doors will make your work more comfortable.

If you want to design your home following the trend of 2020, then we invite you “Gardashlar furniture”. Stay tuned to our blogs for inspiring ideas and innovations.

Home furniture trends for 2020

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