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Interior Scandinavia in 4 steps!

Scandinavian style is related to the traditions of Scandinavian countries, as it is known from the name of these countries. As we know, the countries are located in the north of the earth and are one of the cold settlements. That why they oppose the weather and are in favor of their homes being warm and emotional.

1. Simplicity;
Simplicity is absolutely necessary for this style to be known. Simplicity means little furniture. The Scandinavian style is said to be minimal and modern, with the use of as little as possible items. Unlike other styles, however, it is important to avoid the simplicity of accessory and color choices.

2. Lighting;
Scandinavian countries are dominated by the winter season, so some part of the day goes dark. For large and clean rooms, it is desirable to use daylight as much as possible. You will see that the houses built in this style are different in the large window. İn this windows, you will see the tulle and light curtains.

3. Used materials;
Scandinavian style materials are mainly natural or hand-made details. As a fabric, linen, and cotton are selected from the others, white flowers and lines. The ideal reason for creating the Scandinavian style is wooden material.

4. Colors;
White colors for bright rooms, due to the long and dark winter days in the Scandinavian countries, are the most "masterpiece" of this style. Generally, it is preferred in white and light colors. In the selection of accessories, yellow, blue, grey and green are used

Interior Scandinavia in 4 steps!

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