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What you need to know for choosing soft furniture
What you need to know for choosing soft furniture

We partially know about the effects of color on human psychology. White glorifies innocence, black glorifies nobility, and blue glorifies serenity. Have you thought about the effect of colors on home decor? If you do not know about it, then this article will be very useful for you. By researching the recommendations in our article, you can highlight the effect of colors on your psychology and select the right color when choosing furniture for your room.

Orange color

Orange is the color of energy, that’s why you can use soft furniture in this color where you want to feel the energy in your home. The orange sofa set in the living room will make the guests feel comfortable. However, it is not appropriate to use orange color entirely in a set of soft furniture. You can create a pleasant atmosphere in your home by matching different colors. If your sofa is orange, then you can create a contrast by choosing a chair in a cream color. Thus, your living room will be painted in a modern style.

Green color

Green is a color that eliminates fatigue. Especially if you have eye fatigue, you can eliminate it by looking at the green color. In this regard, the presence of green in the living room or lounge is a must. The green color in the garden houses adds a special atmosphere to the house. In this case, man feels intertwined with nature.

Blue color

In nature, we see the color blue while watching the sea or the sky. Watching the sky and the sea gives us a deep comfort. You can use blue to achieve this comfort in your living room or lounge.

The width of the room should also be taken into account when choosing soft furniture. If your living room is spacious and well-lit, then Avant-garde Soft Furniture in blue may be the best choice for you.

Pink color

Pink is a combination of white and red, it combines the characteristics of both colors. The energy and cheerful atmosphere of red is combined with the comfort and innocence of white with pink. Due to these features, many people prefer pink when choosing soft furniture.

If you have used white on the dining table and other furniture, then you can use pink on a piece of soft furniture or any accessory (pillow, bedspread). You can also match the light shade of other colors with pink. As with the Casparo Soft Furniture set, you can add a perfect combination of cream and pink to your choice.

Gray color

Recently, the most widely used color in decoration is gray. The gray color, which glorifies the modern style, has a tone that can be easily combined with other colors. The size of the room should also be considered when choosing gray furniture. If the room is small, then preferring light gray will make the room more spacious. If the room is dominated by white and the room is illuminated by natural light, Carmen soft furniture will be the best choice for you.

How to clean wooden furniture
How to clean wooden furniture

Some people prefer furniture with more wooden details when choosing a bedroom and living room furniture. The contamination of furniture is inevitable. If wooden furniture gets dirty, how should it be cleaned? With the provided simple cleaning secrets, you can brighten the surface of wooden furniture, remove water and ink stains.

Wooden furniture is regularly dusted and wiped with polish. However, after a certain period of time, the used chemicals can damage the surface of the furniture. Instead of frequent and superficial cleaning, furniture should be cleaned more thoroughly from time to time.

There are several ways to clean wooden furniture. We present them to you.

To clean surface dirt, the furniture must first be dusted. The next step is to clean the stains on the wood. As a cleanser, you should start with the least chemical additive. For example, you can mix the detergent used for washing dishes with water and wipe the furniture. However, it is also important that the cloth used for wiping is soft. The fabric used when wiping furniture should be washed frequently. After wiping the entire wooden surface of the furniture with a cleaner, it should be dried with a clean cloth.

You can clean colored furniture or any stained wooden furniture in the following ways.

Water stain

You've probably seen the steam stain when you put a cup full of hot tea directly on the table. This steam gets a stain on the wooden table. But how to clean the stain on the furniture? To do this, apply toothpaste to the stained area and wipe until the removal of the stain. For deeper stains, add the same amount of carbonate (soda) to the toothpaste and wipe with a damp cloth.

Difficult spots

To remove an ink stain, add 1 teaspoon of water to 1 tablespoon of carbonate and mix. Then apply this paste on the stain and wipe it until the removal of the stain. Then clean the surface of the furniture with a damp cloth.

After cleaning the stains on your furniture, you can use lemon oil to restore its shine. You can get lemon oil from pharmacies. No, if you can't find it, you can make a polishing solution at home. For this, you will need 1 cup of olive oil and half a glass of white vinegar. After mixing the oil and vinegar well, pour this solution on a soft cloth and wipe the furniture.

This way, you can clean the wooden parts of the furniture in your home in the order shown and restore their shine.

Everything about office furniture
Everything about office furniture

In addition to the durability of office furniture, it is also important to look good. The most important point in office furniture sets is that the seats (sofa, armchair, and stool) are made of quality materials. Furthermore, the harmony of the room and the chosen furniture is one of the main points to pay attention to. Important business decisions are made that can have a positive or negative impact on your business. According to research, the aura of the place where the decision is made is an important factor for these decisions to be correct.

If we take into account that businessmen spend more time in the company than at home, then office furniture should be as comfortable as at home. Moreover, proper office furniture should be made of solid wood and metal details in terms of durability. In addition, for the convenience of employees, desks should be chosen in a way that is both easy to use and does not harm their health. If you are also looking for quality office furniture, boss and manager sets, work desks, computer desks for your office, “Gardashlar Mebel” is the right address for this job.

How to design a functional living room?
How to design a functional living room?

The most important part of the living room is the sitting group. a comfortable seating furniture set will successfully complete the decoration. Let's not forget that the living room pillows, although it seems only decoration, also important in terms of use. The comfortable cushions will support you while you are sitting and matching the living room design will be a complement of the decoration. 

When choosing a sofa chair for your living room, take into account the color of the room, the comfort of the furniture, the size and ease of cleaning of the furniture. Some furniture is more difficult to clean due to cloth material, so the homeowner is turning to change the living room furniture by already spending. To avoid this kind of situation, you can get close to the Gardashlar furniture in Baku and answer any questions you may have about furniture.

How to choose the right office furniture?
How to choose the right office furniture?

If the company is a family of employees, then our home is in the office. Thinking the majority of hours of work, the right choice should be made for the plurality of isolation. If you pay attention to the right choice, your office will look OK.

1- Ergonomic - harmony between the human body and psychology with the table.

2- The dimensions of the furnishings with dimensions of the room

3- Contact between workers

4- It's easy to disassemble the furniture you choose.

Also, paying attention to the fact that there are more cupboards will benefit you.

The place of colors in our lives...
The place of colors in our lives...

Each color is different from the aura it provides. Colour harmony is necessary for the interior. But first, let's know what kind of aberration is that:

  • Blue-quiet
  • Red-energy and passion
  • Yellow- force and productivity
  • Green-harmony, comfort, confidence
  • Purple- brightness
  • Gray-stability
  • White-nobility

If you are tired of standards and think about new and unusual interiors, we recommend that you match the contrasting colors.

How to clean sofa sets?
How to clean sofa sets?

One of the most widely used furniture in the house is the living room furniture. That's why the set of sofas and soft furniture is often soiled. If the sofa furniture is not clean enough, your rest will not be so much fun.

With the methods we offer, you will be able to restore the first-day cleanliness of your soft sofa set.

1.Vacuum (small hand vacuum cleaner). Using a vacuum, you can easily remove dirt and food residue from the sofa. If there is no vacuum, this cleaning can also be done with the small head of the vacuum cleaner you use regularly.

When cleaning, pay attention to the corner parts of the sofa set. Pet hair, food debris, and other contaminants accumulate mainly in the corners. When cleaning pillows, you need to clean them at least as carefully as on the sofa. Because dust and dirt penetrate more into the pillows.

2. It is necessary to determine in advance what material the fabric surface to be cleaned is made of. Read the fabric instructions on the label on the soft part of the sofa furniture (which can be glued or sewed into another part of your sofa). Labels mainly contain the following codes:

• WS: Use a low-chemical detergent with a steam vacuum or a detergent with a dry-cleaning function.

• Q: Use the only detergent with dry-cleaning function.

• X: Use the only a vacuum (without water).

• W: Water can be used for cleaning.

3. Clean stains. Knowing how to clean sofa furniture is the same as the question of how to clean stains. You can also use commercially available cleaning products or home-made natural products. Home-made products require less money and are considered harmless to the ecological balance of the environment.

How to clean a sofa according to the type of fabric?

• Clean the leather surface of the sofa. Add 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1/4 cup of vinegar to the spray bottle and mix. Then you need to spray this solution on the sofa and wipe it with a soft cloth.

• Clean the synthetic cover. Again, add 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of warm water, and 1/2 teaspoon of liquid detergent to the spray bottle and mix, then apply the resulting solution to the dirty area. Then wipe the stained part with a soft cloth.

4. The last stage is the drying stage of sofa furniture. You can speed up the drying process by using a water-absorbing towel to absorb the water. Make sure the sofa is completely dry. Sofas and pillows that do not dry completely and retain a little moisture will soon smell of moisture.

Great width in small kitchens!
Great width in small kitchens!

If your kitchen is already too small for you; you don’t need to choose renovations or a more challenging path. Just choose the right kitchen furniture. In addition to the kitchen furniture, the appropriate wall color will help you.

Interior Scandinavia in 4 steps!
Interior Scandinavia in 4 steps!

Scandinavian style is related to the traditions of Scandinavian countries, as it is known from the name of these countries. As we know, the countries are located in the north of the earth and are one of the cold settlements. That why they oppose the weather and are in favor of their homes being warm and emotional.

1. Simplicity;
Simplicity is absolutely necessary for this style to be known. Simplicity means little furniture. The Scandinavian style is said to be minimal and modern, with the use of as little as possible items. Unlike other styles, however, it is important to avoid the simplicity of accessory and color choices.

2. Lighting;
Scandinavian countries are dominated by the winter season, so some part of the day goes dark. For large and clean rooms, it is desirable to use daylight as much as possible. You will see that the houses built in this style are different in the large window. İn this windows, you will see the tulle and light curtains.

3. Used materials;
Scandinavian style materials are mainly natural or hand-made details. As a fabric, linen, and cotton are selected from the others, white flowers and lines. The ideal reason for creating the Scandinavian style is wooden material.

4. Colors;
White colors for bright rooms, due to the long and dark winter days in the Scandinavian countries, are the most "masterpiece" of this style. Generally, it is preferred in white and light colors. In the selection of accessories, yellow, blue, grey and green are used

More than classic bedroom ...
More than classic bedroom ...

It is a great idea to combine the past with modern quality! The theme of this blog is a classic bedroom. The classic bedroom set should consist primarily of beds, tubs, thermos, and cabinets. The use of open tones is desirable. The accessories that will be used additionally - the frame that will remind you of your favorite days, the flowers that will spice your room in the classic style will create a nice atmosphere.